Quiet time Portraits

3 cac abo landscape

I wonder if you have a dedicated space for your quiet time with God in the mornings?

Do you look forwards to going there?

Looking up devotional time images online I was struck by how dark and uninspiring they were. Obviously, quiet devotional time with God is all about you and God and not about the right coffee, music, bookmark . .

Quiet time

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God made us mental, visual, sensual and spiritual beings!  We were made with an appreciation of music and beautiful things, good coffee or in my case milkshake, and all of it created as a means to engage and worship God.  God does not want us to have a blind, dumb and tasteless relationship with him.

Inspired by Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling, I’ve created small intimate portraits to be put in a devotional space.  (If you know of an artist that already does this please comment!)

These 3 paintings are based on 3 characters in the Bible


eve devot portrait

Eve was the first woman EVER!  Created to be a companion and helper to Adam.  He was besotted.  Yes, she made some fatal mistakes but that did not stop her from being beautiful, made in the image of God.

Eve’s story – Genesis 2 v 21-25


ester devot pink portrait

Esther’s courage and humility was amazing. I found it inspiring that even though she was a queen she didn’t think she was too important to give her life over to save her people.

Esther’s story – Esther 4 v 10-17


ruth devot orange portrait

Ruth married a foreigner , but when her husband died she looked after her remaining in-law tirelessly. She had the vision and courage to totally re-imagine her life in a new country.

Ruth’s story – Ruth 1 v 16

I hope these help you to start re-imagining your times with God.  Create a space that you’re exited to go to.  Where you can enjoy the beautiful thinks he’s given, together.

These artworks are for sale at leaalexander.com




In the past year I have grown from having 1 tiny 12 liter aquarium with one Siamese fighter (Betta fish) in my studio to now having 7 aquariums of varying sizes all around the house. Aquascaping these tanks is one of my favorite jobs.  It’s like creating a magical otherworldly beautiful garden where everything is shiny.  My passion for it was sure to flood into my art one way or another and here it is. Artworks inspired by the beauty of underwater plants, rocks, wood and sand.


The second one is my favorite because it’s smaller and reminds me of clear green tropical waters.


fish tank 1.png

Here is my 22 liter aquarium which I’ve only just set up, cycled and added 6 neon tetras to.

These artworks are all on sale on my website leaalexander.com

Rock Art

Do you know how rocks are formed, or crystals?

It’s fascinating!  Rocks are just a combination of crystallized minerals.  Each mineral has it’s own color.  Granite one of the most common rocks is a combination of white, black, gray and peach.  However in different parts of the world you can get really colourful combinations and these paintings are inspired by them.  I love how the different minerals squeeze past each other, crack, compress and create beautiful patterns!

These are hanging very prettily on my living room wall at the moment but they might not be for long because their for sale on my website.  https://www.freewebstore.org/maginary-zoo

However if you contact me directly via Facebook @leaalexanderart or email i can give you a £5 discount.

Out in the cold drawing Crewe

For 2 weeks I went out and drew the lovely buildings of Crewe.


The view from the new library is spectacular!


This was inspired by Raymond Briggs lovely “Ethel and Ernest” graphic novel.


I hope you enjoyed looking at these.  I found that sitting down and taking the time to draw a place made me appreciate the space a lot more.

I surprised myself with this Bird!



I was experimenting with melting plastics and drawing over them with sharpies, and was astounded at how pretty this grew to be!

I used

  • Plastic sheet
  • Coloured plastic bags
  • Netting
  • Thread
  • Sharpies

It’s when I put it against the light that I really fell in love with it.  It’s like a stained glass window made of recycled materials!


I love the textures and layers of recycled materials you can see when you look close.  I think there’s so much potential in this technique.


If you try this technique I would love to see your results!

At the time of posting this piece is on sale on my website  leaalexander.co.uk.

Textile landscape

The Variety of textures on these is wonderful. I like seeing the light reflect on the different surfaces. The materials I used are ;

  • Paper,
  • Organza,
  • Tracing paper,
  • Wax crayon,
  • Inks,
  • Cotton,
  • String,
  • Plastic,
  • Acetate,
  • Sharpies.

The scenes are inspired by Cheshire landscape.  The flat fields looking up to a restless sky casting shifting shadows.